day for surfing.


Allegria & Aloha!


Surfing as a lifestyle? Tribu gives it to you as a way to have a vacation!


From here on it is your decision. Surfing with Tribu is not your usual vacation, it's so much more: discovering something new. A new dimension which gives your live a new flavor. this flavor can't be bought or gained; you have to get through it and to give yourself up. There is no other way. 


Surf instructors and Tribu crew will take care of good vibes and surf energy 110%! Surf school is adapted to everyone. Surf parties are a must, as well as summer adventures, which are full of sun, see, salt, love and good music. 


Jump right into this experience and make your own tatoo into your soul! 


Find the Tribu in you!


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Date: 23.02.2017

Moroccan Symbols

Cultur mix

Date: 21.02.2017

Stories of Moroccan beaches

How the surf story began

Date: 19.02.2017

Beach service

Everyday bread on the beach

Date: 18.02.2017

Press play and you are dancing

Donavon is The king!

Date: 16.02.2017

How to get your partner into surfing?

Surfing is sharing

Date: 14.02.2017


Every surfer develops their own unique style

Date: 14.02.2017

10% Valentines' discount for surfing in Portugal

Apply till Sunday 19.2.2017

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Surfer's feedback

We create a tribe and get in touch with surfer's spirit. Together we share our adventures, first surf steps, summer romances etc... Tribu surfing is like a book - when you open it, you can imagine, that you are right there...

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