Baby names that reminds us of the ocean

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Baby names that reminds us of the ocean

Date: 04.05.2017 ob 11:56


Many surfers name their child after an ocean or waves or other surfers' favourite things. Here is the list of names that have a meaning written in the surf culture.


Surfer baby boys:

1. Arnav

Arnav is a Hindu word and means "ocean". It is marked as a macho name.

2. Bodhi

It is one of the most popular names in the surf scene. Bodhi is one of the youngest surfers, a 14 years old boy. Bodhi is also a name of the character in the surf movie "Point Break". 

3. Declan

It has become very popular when pro surfer Declan Wyton came to the scene. It means "man of prayer". Surfers use a nickname "Dec".

4. Dover

This name means "water" in Irish language.

5. Dylan

It is not only named by a proffessional surfer but it also means "son of  wave."

6. Kai

If you name your son "Kai" he will fall in love with the waves at some point. Because his name means nothing else but "sea"in Hawaiian language.



Surfer baby girls:

1. Aquata

In latin, it means "water" and it would be the prfect one for your little mermaid.

2. Azul

In Spanish it means "blue" which evokes the scenery of the blue sky and ocean.

3. Ellie

It is a perfect name for a blonde little surfer girl, Ellie mean "bright shinning one".

4. Marina

In Latin, Marina means "from the sea".

5. Maya

In Hebrew, Maya means "water".

6. Tarni

In Kaurna language it means "wave or surf".



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