Caipirinha - cocktail of Brazil and Portugal

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Caipirinha - cocktail of Brazil and Portugal

Date: 26.04.2017 ob 12:14


Have you ever been to Portugal? Then you've probably tried caipirinha. Surfers like to drink it after a hard surf session or make it ourselves to create some great vibes in the surf camp. 


We know caipirinha like a nacional cocktail of Brazil. Due to portuguese and brasil many similarities, caipirinha became also very popular drink in Portugal. You can find it in many bars and it will cost you between 3-5€.



Can we make caipirinha at home?

The most important ingredient is Cachaca, which we can get only in portuguese supermarkets. So if you have a friend travelling from Portugal, quickly order it to him.:) There is also an alternative - to put vodka instead. This way you get very similar drink called "caipiroska". Both drinks are the best for a summer picnic! 


You need:

- 1-2 limes

- 1 teaspoon of brown sugar

- a half cup of Cachaca

- ice



We cut limes to quarters and cross-cut them. Add a sugar and smash it with a pestle of a wooden spoon. We add Cachaca and stir. We break the ice by punching it in the table's edge in a kitchen towel. We fill the glass with broken ice cubs and we stir again. We drink it. And repeat the process until we fall over.:D 


You can see side effects below, when surfers taste a magic drop of caipirinha.

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