Chris Burkard - he loves the ice cold water

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Chris Burkard - he loves the ice cold water

Date: 21.04.2017 ob 09:15

Chris Burkard is an adventure photographer, who-s photos include themes of travelling, incredible landscape, outdoor activities and surfing. He says that the photos show tight relationship between human and nature or culture. And who, if not surfers, are more connected with the nature? Love for surfing is also love for the ocean.  


The photographer's big passion are incredible conditions where the surf photos are taken. For example, surfing under the northern lights.. In the video below he explains why surfing in the ice cold water is such a joy to him. Oh well..?


Regarding his 21 visits on Iceland, it must be his favourite destination for taking photos. Only if you type in Google search his name, you will see maaany arctic photos of beautiful lands and surfers. He has got many awards, he cooperated in three movies and wrote quite a lot books. 


Would you like to become an adventure photographer?

I would.. but only if I won't have to go surfing into the ice-cold water. 

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