Have you got your surf swimsuits yet?

dan za surfat.

Have you got your surf swimsuits yet?

Date: 25.04.2017 ob 14:38


Surfer swimsuits are sexy swimsuits. Surfer boys are cool guys and surfers girls are sey girls...that is how it goes.:) In the time when you are not wearing your wetsuit, you want to look nice and sexy right?


..did you know for a fashion style which is called "surfer girl style"?


Imagine a girl in loose fitting clothes, her hair coloured light by the sun, wearing sunglasses or a hat. 


10 pieces that every surfer girl has:

- white strappy dress with coloured details;

- crocheted top or a dress;

- playsuit which is more practical than a dress, still nice and sexy;

- a kimiko; loose statement print and colourful kimiko with 3/4 long sleeves which should cover your bottom;

- small bag/purse, which shoul look like you have just picked it from a marked, colourful and simple;

- loooong necklaces;

- ankle high-heeled boots and floaty dress (style of a surfer girl Sienna Miller, that's become popular in surfer fashion style);

- jeans shorts with a high waist and a top or only upper piece of your swimsuits; 

- a big hat;

- loooooooots of colorful bracelets (from your trips).





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