Pants full of sand

dan za surfat.

Pants full of sand

Date: 22.06.2017 ob 09:51


September is almost all booked! hurry up, otherwise, you will have to sleep on the beach. Well, it doesn't seem bad, is it? ;) 

Our Surf Housie will burst at the seams again, and parties in the Surf Camp won't stop for a single day!

For all of you, who keep thinking about surfing this season, the thing is simple -> click here! Do you want to ride a wave once in a lifetime and taste bit of surfers' life? The one that Beach Boys once lived? Do you?

Take a chance today.

#yolo they said

Write us an email to and ask for the best flight tickets.

More about Surf&yoga Retreat Program here -> click! 


We live on an endless beach...

Your lullaby are the waves.

Your alarm clock are the waves.

And the morning off-shore wind is calling you for the first session!

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