Portugal - it is the only place I want to live!

dan za surfat.

Portugal - it is the only place I want to live!

Date: 07.06.2017 ob 09:19

After the work is done, people grab his "love", I mean, "surf" and walks towards the spot. A colleague comes with the ball for beach volley. Brazil! Brazil in Europe! 


Can you imagine the feeling when you are standing on a sandy beach with no shoes on, watching the waves breaking in front of your nose? And a cool summer breeze on your chicks. Oh, summer nights.. 

Sound of the ocean and wind - beauty of all surf destinations!


From the other side of the endless beach you can hear some latino. Are we going to dance? Sure! I hope that guy who surfs on Supertubos will be there!

The best thing is that I don't need any make-up at all. I have my hair curled by the sea and the perfect tan that every girl wants!


You simply get addicted once you taste Portugal. And it is so close! You do not have to go to Brazil to get Brazil.


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