Portuguese beach are blessed with rolling waves!

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Portuguese beach are blessed with rolling waves!

Date: 14.06.2017 ob 12:09

Wave-surfing is one of the "must things to do" while visiting Portugal. Many travel guides and bloggers say so. It is not a joke that Portugal is named also "Brazil in Europe!"


What do you think? Catching waves is a fun thing to do during the trip, right?



Portuguese beach is blessed with rolling waves from the Atlantic Ocean. Perfect off-shore winds make clean breaks that welcome soul surfers from all around the world. 


If you are coming to Portugal, visit Tribu Surf House and join us for the hottest surf session with certified surf instructors. We welcome everyone - from beginners to advanced surfers! Join us for a day or for a week-long surf school in our surf camp. 



More information about daily surf sessions here -> link!

More information about weekly surf school here -> link!






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