Following the Waves

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Following the Waves

Date: 25.03.2018 ob 12:19


After spending four months in warm Africa, we are slowly returning back to the chillier Europe. Its only the beggining of spring and yet the temperatures in Morocco are already climbing towards 30 degrees celsius. A perfect place for surfers who desire more sun and warmth than an average European. But why isn’t this climate a good enough reason to stay longer? Although our Morrocan daily routine is very settled we couldn’t get enough of it in four months as the Surf -sleep – eat – repeat method is what perfects us and drives us to change different spots during the course of a year. The reason behind why we stayed in Morocco for the past four months lies in its waves which form during the winter storms in the northern Atlantic and are made perfect for surfing by the time they reach the coast in Morocco. However, by the end of the winter as the storms in the northern Atlantic settle, also the Moroccan waves become smaller and we have to go chase them somewhere bigger, back to Portugal. Luckily spending lots of time in the sea prevents roots to grow, so we are free to travel. First back to Slovenia to greet the last remains of snow, and in May back to Portugal with our surf van, where the spring is warm, brings less rain and more waves than what we are used to in central Europe. But until we start chasing the waves of Peniche again, the Moroccan beaches and mint tea will certainly be missed.



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