Superstition in Surfing

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Superstition in Surfing

Date: 22.03.2018 ob 20:33

Superstition has ever since been a part of human nature. Believe it or not superstition is also present in surfing.

Americans claim a surfboard new to the sea brings bad waves. Of course we can explain this statement by knowing that even the slightest change in the shape of our surf board influences our riding and feelings while surfing.

Superstition is taken even a step further in Indonesia. The entire Indonesia especially the last Hindu remaining island of Bali is full of magic and mysteries, which are generally not a threat for tourist. Nevertheless, surfers stick to the “no green color” rule, as the ocean is said to be the home of Nyai Roro Kidul goddess, who desperately seeks for lovers in color of green. For that reason, the drownings at wild beaches are charged to her, especially if the drowned had worn green swimming pants.

Another superstitious color-based myth originates from our dear Africa. There they are skeptical about yellow, because they think it attracts sharks. At least in Morocco this claim is everything but true, as nobody really recalls a shark attack, even thou more than a few yellow surfboards can be seen in the water. The yellow color myth has also been put off by scientific research, but nevertheless it has become a part of the surfing subculture.  






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