Taking Care of What is Dear to us

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Taking Care of What is Dear to us

Date: 21.03.2018 ob 18:05

We surfers love the nature, especially because surfing evolves around it. But often we are rather careless about how we should be taking care of it. Even as surfers we are harming the nature since practically our entire gear set includes the derivatives of oil. Our board is made of polyester or epoxy and polystyrene, our wetsuit is made of rubber as well as for the wax which is made of toxins. We maximize the use of our surfboard by repairing it until it barely stands together, selling it to finance a new one or just exhibit it on a wall at home to be reminded of all the good carves we made with it. But currently shapers are working eagerly to design surfboards from materials friendlier to the environment. With each year we can also notice more and more wood built surfboards, which are heavier and therefore built bigger, to suit the style of longboard surfing. Now, even thou pollution seems inevitable we can do much to prevent a fraction of it. To begin with we shall clean up after ourselves and set and example by also cleaning other trash we notice at the spot. Our local surf team in Morocco acknowledged the problem of pollution at the Moroccan surf spots and is no organizing cleanings, which we happily participate in. 

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