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Date: 05.05.2017 ob 11:51


You can find it on Tahiti, French Polynesia. Teahupoo is not just the heaviest wave, it has many reasons why it is also the most dangerous one. In the video below, you can see this massive swell when it breaks.


If it stireks you, it is a big chance for injuries because of the shallow beach with coral reefs. So- named "The Queen of Teahupoo", Keala Kennelly surfed it and even though Teahupoo left many scars on her body, she said that it will never stop her with moving boundaries in women surfing.  


Another reason for danger is its speed. Waves are breaking over and over again. If you catch a breath after the fall, you should quickly think about the second, third.. it is a long way to the lagune.:) And for what is more, Tahiti is also the lovely home for tiger sharks..


Well..I think I' gonna stay in Portugal with no sharks. :)




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