tribusurf is snapchating!

dan za surfat.

tribusurf is snapchating!

Date: 17.05.2017 ob 13:48

Allegria Snapchat folks! Tribu is also snapping! Add us as tribusurf.:)


We have so much fun in Tribu Surf House in Portugal and we can not avoid to make you all jealous^^ 


Snapchat stories will be about the highest spirits from our surf camp in Peniche, sexy Portuguese, the most funny fails from our beginners, master tricks from the proffessionals, little fingers in the air, summer eve's campfire and crazy nights out! You should not forget also to stay tuned for the Rip Curl Pro Peniche! 


Beside white sand, sexy bodies and perfect waves, you can watch also stories from summer events where we play awesome surfeing games.:) 


Did you see our first SnapChat post on My Story?


Add us on Snapchat as tribusurf, watch our Stories and be jealous. Or simply come to our surf camp where we will take a selfie.:) wuhuu!



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