Winds for surfing waves

dan za surfat.

Winds for surfing waves

Date: 26.04.2017 ob 13:42


S**t, it's onshore today, let's go to the othe side...



Surfers are proffessionals when it comes to the weather. They talk about it all the time, they know everything about the tides, winds and good conditions for surfing. The reason is simple. A good day for surfing or a non-surfing day depends on the winds.


Let's see..

Onshore wind is the worst. It blows to the shore and that makes the waves bad shaped - non-surfing waves. Crossshore waves are also quite bad. That is why the best wind is offshore! That one creates perfect clean breaks and tubes...stronger and longer it blows, larger the waves are.


But for the first pops-up, we do not need large waves, we only neew the white water. Offshore is needed for our advanced surfers in Trisu Surf school. At this point I would like to ask you - did you see the shape of Peniche on the map? It is located on the peninsula and surf spots are turned to different directions. So if you go to the other side, you get the different wind. And so we all get good conditions for surfing!


...that's why we love Peniche so much! :D




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