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Pedra do Telegrafo

Daily trip to Pedro do Telegrafo can surprise every single time you come to visit. Special seafood restaurants, 5 hidden amazing beaches, supping and swimming in the calm crystal clear water. But the most famous spot for pictures is a 354 m steep hill Pedro do Telegrafo. From an amazing cliff edge on the top you can see blue ocean with tropical coast right below. The forest walk offers colorful and interesting shaped fruits that reminds you more of parrots.




Ilha Grande - isle of paradise

The isle of paradise was the sanctuary of pirates and slaves long ago. Today, it is the 7th most beautiful beach on TripAdvisor. It is marked as the 2nd wonder of Rio de Janeiro after Pão de Açúcar and Sugar Loaf mountain. It is the city where you can find the best from Brazil (from scuba diving to dinner on the beach with some live music). There is a lot of options for sport activities: surfing, hiking, diving, zip line, canoe trips, etc. 

More about the place in the photos below...


Hidden Beaches of Rio de Janeiro

We will explore the surroundings of Barre de Guaratiba, which is surrounded by nature (jungle style) and the hills come right to the ocean's edge. Our surf instructor Diego will open the jungle doors and together we'll get to empty secret beaches, which are only accessible by boat or by foot. We can find as many secret beaches as we want, the only limit is our desire for exploration.



Paradise Beaches of Hollywood stars and Tribu Members

The trip can be combined with the surfing school on the Grumari beach (it was named by Indians). We will start the day with a tropical fruit slushy Açaí on the Prainha (little beach), where famous actors surf and hide from paparazzi. After we rest our eyes, will move on in our surf van to the nature reserve and the Grumari beach. This is the paradise beach where we will stop for a surfing session and carry out our surfing school. Very likely we will stumble upon a photo shoot, filming of a commercial or something similar, which is not rare here, as everyone use the beauty of local nature for such purposes.

After school we'll get a well deserved Água de Coco (coconut milk, drank straight from a coconut) and a wonderful view of the endless beach in a tavern on the hill in the middle of green.


Corcovado hill - Sculpture of Christ


This will be one of those days you will definitely remember. After breakfast will jump in the surf van and drive to largest forest in the world in the middle of a city of Tijuca, where we will enjoy a Chinese view over a larger part of Rio and it's diverse surroundings. Next is the ascent to the sculpture of Christ, which protects and invites all mankind to itself with its open arms. This is a new wonder of the world.

Our eyes have got their serving. And now we are hungry, we will rest and get our bellies filled in Santa Teresa, an area where artists from all disciplines hang out. Will spent a minute or two poking around. There's a very interesting staircase of Selaron, which is finally getting its final image after 20 years of collecting tiles from all over the world.

We will also stop in Lage park and the botanical gardens with tall palm trees, colorful orchids and everything else you could expect from a botanical garden.

The ride home will most probably be spent in silence and our mouths open in awe. ;)



Rio de Janeiro Postcard


Brazilians call us Gringos. :) While always wearing a smile, of course. On this trip we will be proper tourists from abroad. We'll check out the biggest sights of the city, such as Ipanema, Copacabana and Leblom beaches. Going around all the sunny beaches is the best to do it afood. Some of us won't be able to take our eyes of the waves, others from "fio dental" (the so called dental floss bathing suits), which are the norm around here. And for those more architecturally inclined there are also beautiful colonial buildings on the beaches and in the city. After 3 hours of freestyle roaming around will meet in front of the famous fortress of Copacabana. To get a birds eye view of the city will take a cable car ride to the Sugarloaf mountain. This is where we can observe the "Ciudade meravilhosa" in all its beauty and greatness.

Another wonderful day with countless experiences.




Rio de Janeiro is most known by three things: Samba, beautiful girls and of course football. At every derby or an important match, time stops for the Cariocas (residents of Rio de Janeiro). People get closer together and cry and sing at exciting moments. Giant drums play the samba beat at every match. You could say that football means the world to them and Maracana, the most famous stadium in the world, is like their church.

The Maracana will also host the final match of the 2014 World cup. We really recommend that you see at least one of the matches.

Join us!


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