Surf Camp Portugal

day for surfing.

Surf Camp Portugal

Camp experience is unique!


From april we will see each other in Tribu Surf Camp, where camp sand awaits Tribu favela and adventure written in the stars, waves and summer romance. Interested in more?

Everything is taken care of in Tribu Surf Camp!

Fridges are always full of various kinds of fruit, such as lime, pineapple, peach, avocado, melon... To make a good coctail we need interesting ingredients and imagination - something we never lack. 

The camp is one of a kind - it is visited by surfers form all over the world. Tribu base is a magnet for everyone. That's why the action in our camp under the bright, hot sun is so remarkable!



Our typical day


In the morning, when we unzip our tents, stick our heads out and take a look at the colorful camp, the sun is already up. Drops of dew are dripping into the heighbor's tent, becouse they forget to zip it up. Yes, the night was wild! 

Surf school is about to begin. All the other surfers are already in the bathrooms, you decide to have a quick breakfast. You put the kettle on and have two pieces of bread with Nutella chocolate spread. You brush your teeth and hear the teacher's voice announcing a great day and awesome waves. The group takes a walk along the dunes to the beach, each member with a beloved board unter their arm. 

A whole day on the beach! During the break, the whole gang goes for a quick cold beer or caipirinha and a great surf sandwich to the nearby bar. To rehydrate, naturally. 

Plans for the evening take place on the beach. And the last session before sunset shows you just how closely you resemble a real surfer. In the afternoon you're already really good at the stuff you learn in the morning. All of us can hardly wait for the next day!

Around 7 p.m. the gang makes dinner... We're all pleasantly tired and eat as much as we want - we don't save ourselves :)


A cold beer feels amazing... In the evening we go back to the beach, there is a DJ night at a local disco bar. Or maybe to a concert at the beach...


Good morning!




Join us!


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Surfer's feedback

We create a tribe and get in touch with surfer's spirit. Together we share our adventures, first surf steps, summer romances etc... Tribu surfing is like a book - when you open it, you can imagine, that you are right there...

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