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In the 21th April we start our summer season in Portugal where Tribu Surf House waits for new summer vibes. After daylong sessions on Baleal beach, a couple of beers, hanging around at the barbecue, relaxing, watching good surf movies or playing pool feels really good!



In Portugal we surf....after we take the first steps from foam to the waves, we fall in love with the surf spirit. And then we have a problem - our compass has been broken and it shows only to the ocean.


In Portugal we surf... for six months. We take several trips along the Portuguese coast. The beauty of the nature and water makes our minds clear and calm. From there on, we can’t stop thinking about surfing!



Even if you are new to surfing, you will feel like you have always belonged to the surf-subculture. Portugal is the hottest surf destination in Europe; not just because of the great waves and good swells, but also because of the many sunny days, great company of Portuguese, delicious food, cheap beer and relaxing atmosphere - and that's why they call it "Brazil of Europe". 





In the town Peniche there are a lot of beach bars, discos, cafes - so there are a lot of opportunities to talk surf and drink caipirinha or beer. In good company we  can watch the sunrise and go straight to the water.  Can you imagine something better?

In October we finish the season at the same time as  ASP Rip Curl Pro takes place. It's a great opportunity to see the pros surfing.

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We create a tribe and get in touch with surfer's spirit. Together we share our adventures, first surf steps, summer romances etc... Tribu surfing is like a book - when you open it, you can imagine, that you are right there...

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